Waste Profile Sheet
Woodwaste & Construction Materials
A. Customer Information
Customer's Name: 
Contact Person: 
B. Waste Generator's Information
Generator's Name: 
Site Address: 
Site City: 
Site State: 
Current Site Usage: 
Residential Commercial
Undeveloped Other 
Process Generating 
C. Material Description
Approximate the amount of non-recyclables (i.e. debris) requiring off-site disposal in this material  %
Clean Waste Wood C&D Wood Stumps
Wood Pallets Logs/Branches Concrete w/Rebar
Concrete w/o
Residential Asphalt
Commercial Asphalt
Other Wood (describe)

Other (describe)

By checking the "agree" box below, the Generator certifies:
  1. This waste is not a "Hazardous Waste" or "Universal Waste" as defined by USEPA or State of Maine Regulations
  2. This waste does not contain any Asbestos-containing Building Materials
  3. This sheet and any attachments contain true and accurate descriptions of the waste material. All relevant information regarding known or suspected hazards in the possession of the Generator has been disclosed.
  4. If any changes occur in the character of the waste, the Generator shall notify ARC prior to providing the waste to ARC.
   I agree to the terms above