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Offloading Soil for Recycling

Materials considered for recycling are sampled in accordance with EPA criteria and independently tested at certified laboratories. The Sales & Compliance Manager directly oversees the qualification and acceptance of non-hazardous materials to be received for recycling and the exclusion of material not permitted for processing.

Processing of materials previously characterized and approved for delivery begins by mechanically screening the materials to a uniform size, whereupon debris and oversized stone is separated out of the feedstock. The screened aggregate is then conveyed and processed with specially formulated emulsified asphalt, Recycling Agent, producing a stabilized bituminous product.

Materials considered for recycling include:

  • Gasoline impacted soil
  • Virgin petroleum impacted soil
  • Waste-oil impacted soil
  • Urban fill
  • Sandblast grit
  • Coal ash
  • Catchbasin sediments

When utilizing a Bill-of-Landing or Manifest for purposes of transportation of recycling materials to ARC, the following facility information will be helpful:

  • Facility Location: 434 Dow Highway, Eliot, ME 03903
  • Type of Facility: Asphalt Batch / Cold-Mix (recycling soil)
  • EPA Identification #: N/A
  • Solid Waste Mgmt Permit #: S-021818-WK-B-N

Click here to view analytical requirements: Criteria