ARC's mobile grinding equipment fleet offers versatility for whatever size reduction requirements you may have. We have processed materials at municipal transfer stations, private recycling facilities, private businesses and former woodlots.

We offer a "slow-speed, high-torque" shredder, as well as a "high-speed" grinder.

Auxiliary equipment can include:

  • Trommel screen equipped with one of three sizing capabilities for loam production;
  • Caterpillar loaders
  • Caterpillar excavators with either a grapple, thumb or stump shear attachment

Materials we have processed at customers sites include:

  • Construction/demolition woodwaste
  • Brush & tree waste (leaves/yard waste)
  • Stumps
  • Wood pallets
  • Asphalt shingles
  • Packaging materials (crates/boxes, etc.)

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